In Brief

Good governance is vital to the trust and confidence in which business, government agencies and not-for-profit entities are held in today's world. The Atlantic Canada Governance Institute (ACGI) is committed to helping 21st century directors in Atlantic Canada provide not just good but GREAT governance on the boards they serve.

The ACGI focus is to provide training and skills development for boards of directors, senior executives and professional advisors in effective corporate governance using best practices illustrated by Atlantic Canada cases and examples. Unlike all other governance programs currently available in Canada, ACGI's is a "made for Atlantic Canada" solution for directors of Atlantic Canada enterprises - whether for profit, crown corporations, or not for profit.

ACGI does this by emphasizing a 'balanced stakeholder view' of governance - as opposed to the narrower 'shareholder view' typically found in other director education programs.

Thus ACGI distinguishes itself by focusing director attention on the importance of corporate social responsibility and ethical conduct to ensure corporate success. As such, ACGI promotes models of board authority and control that are more akin to cooperative governance (which emphasizes steering enterprises toward not just economic achievement but also social and cultural success rather than strict 'investor owned' organizations.

Our models of governance therefore support the enlightened view that board members of all organizations and their professional advisors and senior employees:

  • are responsible for working together effectively,
  • must be accountable for their individual and collective actions,
  • be constantly focused on the appropriateness of the organization's mission, vision and values and especially the progress in their strategy's implementation, and
  • encourage and ensure healthy board/management interaction with all key stakeholders.

About Us

The Atlantic Canada Governance Institute (ACGI) leverages the insights of governance experts to tackle the fundamental issues surrounding the governance of local Atlantic Canada organizations.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the governance roles, legal duties and essential responsibilities of every director and Board
  • Learning the board behaviours required to make for a great Board culture and effective Board meetings
  • Strengthening the role of the Board in strategy development, risk management and board evaluation
  • Managing Board and CEO succession
  • Understanding and benchmarking against best practices in governance
  • Understanding essential questions that Board members should be asking their staff and outside experts.

The Atlantic Canada Governance Institute Director Program is a dynamic program focusing on the role of Board members in driving and sustaining the success of the organizations. The program provides Board members with the framework to effectively execute their organization's strategy, develop talent, enhance their organization’s performance – and position it for long term success.

An important outcome for participants is the development of a strong network of peers who share similar responsibilities and experiences and who routinely confront contemporary governance issues. The Chartered Professional Director Program (C.P. Dir.) is an essential resource for Board members who want to grasp the nuances of governance. Sessions provide a highly interactive forum for candid, off-the-record dialogue about governance and real-world challenges.

Who Should Attend?

  • Board members, Key Committee Chairs and Board Chairs of Atlantic Canada organizations
  • CEO and senior management staff